Connecting with Jade Green Consulting

Core Initiatives

The core initiatives of Jade Green Consulting are to promote waste management, support local businesses and help people run sustainable events. The goal is to work with businesses to continuously execute and improve the sustainability of an event.

Resources & Connections

This website is the central hub of Jade Green Consulting and primary medium of reference where you can find information about services, planning and available packages. There are many other ways to stay informed about upcoming news and events through other media platforms that include:

Facebook page @jadegreenconsulting where upcoming events, references, promotional services and news can be found.

Twitter account @jadegreenevent where real time updates about upcoming events and current projects will be posted.

LinkedIn page Jade Green Consulting will be used to promote discussion and share relative business articles.

Instagram profile @jadegreenconsulting includes graphic images and short videos of current and upcoming events as well as sustainable event ideas.

Pinterest account Jade Green Consulting offers creative event planning inspiration.

Direct Contact

If you would like to get in touch with Jade Green Consulting please use one of the following methods; email at or use the Contact tab to connect with me directly.

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