Zero Waste

Why Zero Waste?

Reducing the Amount of Waste Accumulated from Planning an Event can:

  1. Save you Time & Resources
  2. Reduce Unnecessary Resources Extracted From the Environment
  3. Infuse Social and Ethical Values into your Event
  4. Limit Clean-up and Feeding our Landfills

10 Actions Towards Zero Waste

Here are 10 Simple Ideas for Promoting Zero Waste at Your Next Event:

  1. Recycle in as Many Different Ways as Possible
  2. Borrow and Donate as much as possible
  3. Track your Energy and Resource Usage
  4. Buy in Bulk
  5. Use Less Packing
  6. Purchase Local
  7. Design a Seasonal Menu
  8. Organize Carpool Transportation
  9. Hydration Station not Plastic Water Bottles
  10. Educate Employees and Guests on Sustainable Initiatives

Connect with Jade Green to find out how we can help you reach some, all or more of these milestones at your next event!


What do you think?

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