Below is a list of frequently asked questions and some basic plant care tips to keep your terrarium growing and healthy!

How is my terrarium made?

Each terrarium is hand-made, meaning each piece is unique and slightly different from the next.

What materials are in my terrarium?

Each terrarium contains a unique combination of living plants, natural decor and everything it should need to survive. Jade Green may create custom designs with varying contents.

How do I care for my terrarium?

The assembly has been done! Here are some simple tips to keep your terrarium happy and healthy:

  • Place in a well lit area with indirect sunlight
  • Rotate 90 degrees occasionally (2 weeks – 1 month)
  • If no condensation appears on the side of the glass for a couple of days and lightly mist the container.
  • If the soil and sphagnum moss layer appear dry, add a few drops of water to the soil at the base of the plants (TIP: use an eyedropper)
  • Carefully remove fallen leaves (tweezers/chopsticks)
  • Some leaves may wilt against the class, carefully remove by cutting above the node with a clean tool.
  • If mould appears, remove the mould and leave the container open for a day.


Please submit further questions and/or feedback through the Contact section, thank you.